Who we are

The General Medical Services Department is one of the main Departments in Ruharo Mission Hospital. It comprises of an Outpatient unit, a Maternity unit, an In-patient ward, a Dental Unit, MCH (Maternal Child Health) section, Community Health Department, a Surgical Unit and a Laboratory among others.

Our Responsibilities are;

    • Responsibility to God; to serve Him and to witness His Glory in service.
    • Responsibility to the Community; to serve the community with respect and in a holistic manner.
    • Responsibility to the State; to be law abiding institution and ensure that nothing we undertake harms the state.
    • Responsibility to partners; to be honest, efficient and accountable.
    • Responsibility to the Diocese and Management; all staff shall work to the best of their ability and shall put all resources provided to their best use. The reputation of the owner shall be held high.
    • Responsibility to staff; the Hospital shall try within its means to reward staff with to the best possible levels and to build them as resources as need shall permit.
    • Responsibility to the environment: the General Hospital shall endeavor to do as minimal harm as possible to the environment and undertake visible efforts to restore the environment.

Our Values
Commitment to Quality

  • We aim to meet or exceed recognized standards for quality and excellence in the delivery of patient care.
  • We value our ability to learn from each other and to continuously improve.

Working Together

  • We are committed to working as a team both locally and with external stakeholders to grow, change and exceed expectations.
  • We believe that collaboration and teamwork together are essential to excellent healthcare.
  • We value the opinions and perspectives of all members of the health care team and the community.


  • We value the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our patients and staff.
  • We care for our patients and their loved ones with dignity and concern.


  • We promote informed participation in decisions related to care, quality of life and optimal level of wellness.
  • We respect the privacy rights of all persons and realize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the situations encountered and of the people involved and by always keeping other persons’ confidences.
  • We communicate honestly and openly and treat everyone at Ruharo Mission Hospital with equity and fairness.

 Our Priorities

  • Strengthening administrative weaknesses and gaps is the leading priority as it will ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and the subsequent sustainability of the institution.
  • We shall focus on the quality of work ensuring that our work is excellent and is followed to its logical conclusion.
  • We shall endeavor to continuously improve in all areas working with available and emerging technologies and skills.
  • Sustainability of the past and future positive achievements